Legal Office

Mora & Associati was founded by Giampaolo Mora in 1952 and, over the time, has distinguished itself for providing to individuals, companies and public entities legal services on the main fields of Italian business and finance. Over the years, Mora & Associati have been leading player of a steadfast growth and is currently composed by 25 people including partners, associates and employees among which there also academics. Our law firm relies on a relevant network composed by laws firms, business consultants, industry and finance advisors.

Mora & Associati has always relied on its main values: independence, fairness and confidentiality, and our lawyers conduce their profession with reference to three main cornerstones: expertise, a well organized method and constant updating.

Our law firm is organized as to furnish to its clients an adequate, efficient and immediate legal service aimed to develop and share the most fitting solutions for the best interests of clients.